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The Captain Kirkpatrick
Cpt Kirkpatrick
I called this fly the "no name" fly for quite a while.  People got tired of hearing it referred to by that name and someone on FF@ gave it the name of the Capt. Kirkpatrick.  I've fished it for over 10 years now.  It's taken trout in North Georgia and Utah along with Bass and Bream here in Florida.  Although it could be fished as a nymph, I usually fish it as a wet.  Just at sundown it's a killer on my home waters.(Usually followed by the mosquito hatch.)  Don Coleman told me it was another caddis imitation.  It's the first freshwater fly that I remember having a flash-a-boo tail, though they're fairly common now.

material list

3366 Mustad, size 10 to 16
Copper (or lead) wire wound around the hook shank.
Orange, no 3
1" pearl Krystal Flash
Olive dubbing
Brown Marabou
Cheap Grizzly

Step 1.
  Wrap the weight around the hook shank. leave a little hook on each end. Tie in the thread and wrap back and forth over weight, to secure it.  Then cut about  1" of  Krystal Flash,  Fold in two and place on the back, loop forward.
folding tail
Step 2.       Cut tail

Tie in the Krystal Flash, bend the loop back and secure it so that all the Krystal Flash is pointed to the rear.  Clip the loop.
Don't make all the tail fibers the same length.  Fish can't count but if things are to even they might start questioning.
step 3.

 Cover the oringe thread with the olive dubbing.  Wrap the dubbing forward to form a body.
body wrap
Step 4.        wing Tie in a little maraboo, fold it back to secure it as a wing case. Cut the excess marabou so that only abut 1/4 of  body is covered by wind casing. 
Step 5.
  Tie in a cheep Grizzly hackle.
Step 6.        hackle tied Wrap only three turns of the hackle and tie off.  Cut the excess hackle.
Step 7.
   Create a head that pushes the hackle back toward the tail of the fly.  Whip finish and cut the thread.  Add a little head cement and you're ready to fish.