My version of a Dahlberg Diver has taken quite a few bass up in the Ocala National Forest.  I remember one day that I took two bass within a couple of minutes.  I had beached my canoe in a small cove and was fishing from the waters edge.  The center of the cove was probably 8 to 10 feet deep and the edges were full of grass.  I flipped the fly into the center and would give a quick "pop" to dive the fly and continue with a longs slow pull. 

The first fish was a surprise.  It was a nice bass, but not as big as they get int that lake.  After a quick tussle to keep it out of the grass, I released it back into the lake.   A few casts later, I had my second fish on.  Almost a carbon copy of the first. 

Presentation seems to matter more than size.  I often cut a little of the collar on one side.  This makes the fly "wiggle" through the water, giving it a little life.

Under wing

Wing (optional)
your choice 3x~4
your choice
buck tail
mixture of buck tail & crystal flash buck tail
deer hair (trimmed to shape)