Mickey Dace

micky Dace

I was up at the cabin, tying a bunch of buck tail Mickey Finns and Black Nose Daces and thinking about bass. (Large Mouth Bass is what you think of on Sunrise Lake.) Neither fly is considered a bass fly.  I knew that if every thing is right bass seem to hit them.  They'll take the Mickey Finn more than the Black nose dace. Then I started wondering about colors.  If I changed the color, would it make a difference?  Bass like red, yellow and black. Both the Mickey Finn and Black Nose Dace have at least some of those colors.  Why not a fly based on those colors.  The fly was enough of a success that I now carry some with me. 

It was a summer day and Don Manning and I were fishing Alligator Lake.  Fishing was fine but catching had been spotty.  To Don that meant you didn't catch a fish at least every other cast.   We were fishing on the east side of the lake, behind all those expensive houses that no one seems to live in.  There are quite a few bass laying along that stretch of shore, so I decided to change to a Mickey Dace.  It turned out to be a good choice.  I started out catching up to Don's count and that just didn't happen.  By about the third bass, Don said, "What you usin' there, boy!"
When I showed him the fly, he asked, "Got any more of them on you?"   Now I was in Don's boat and he out weighed me by maybe 60lb.  I really didn't want to swim home, so I gave him one.   Luckily it worked for him as well as it did for me.

Butt (optional)
Bottom wing
Mid wing
Top wing
 6 to 10 streamer, 4x
Black size 6
Red yarn 1/16"
Silver tinsel
Yellow Bucktail, Extending just past the hook bend.
Black Bucktail, tied as above
Red Bucktail ,  tied as above

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